golden sunrise

Tell me a friend who is more true, a guide to light my pathor wicked rogue with honest heart, and eyes that touch my soul.

Honoured by an early King and favoured by a queen.

In work who is an artist, at sport does reign supreme.

The guardian of my family, our stock he doth protect, and tho' he's only very small,

he earned the world's respect.

"Michael Gillow"

Untitled photo

As a passionate and experienced professional photographer, I love taking photos of pets; though, I specialise in dogs. Dogs are wonderful beings on earth, they are smart and have great personalities. Dogs understand people’s emotions. I was a dog owner myself a few years ago until the day I lost her because of cancer. Dogs love their owners unconditionally, and I believe they are with you in spirit once they leave the physical world. From my experience, I understand how important a pet is for you.

I am here to capture your beautiful pet’s soul, their unique personality and tell their story. My photography style is candid and natural; I shoot in natural sunlight outdoors in a beautiful environment where your pet feels comfortable; this could be the beach, the local park or your backyard.

You will be able to purchase high-quality wall art and other fun products featuring your pet. Furthermore, I create a portrait mosaic made of all the photos I take during the session as a unique way of having all of the memories from that day in one photo. You customise your final products to ensure you end up with what is important to you and in line with your budget. I am based in Cronulla and service most of Sydney within 1.5 hours travel time. I am looking forward to meeting you and your lovely pet soon. 

Check out the booking session fee, products and prices and complete the booking form here.

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